my journey began in Connecticut.

I am a Polish born, child of immigrants who grew up in Connecticut, USA. I attended New Britain high school, was captain of the tennis team, co captain of the powderpuff football team and a member of the marching band. I took many AP classes, had a fantastic group of friends and lived life to the fullest.

When it came time to apply to college, I felt lost. I was not motivated to apply to colleges. Nonetheless, I applied to a couple of colleges that my friends applied to. Part of my lack of motivation was due to financial costs of attending college in the USA. My parents never had a college fund for me partly due to the fact that college in Europe was free during their time.

My mom came to me and asked, ‘What if you apply to colleges in England?’ (long silence) (more silence) I asked her why she would ever say something so ridiculous. She said she did some research and thinks it’s a good idea. I went to sleep that overwhelmed.

Next day I woke up and decided I’m going to apply to college in the United Kingdom. The first thing I did was browse the internet for colleges in London and found many options. I took my list to the guidance counsellor, excited to share the news. I finally felt the excitement that all my friends felt this whole time. I was excited about college. My guidance counsellor shut me down immediately and said, ‘I can help you apply to colleges in the US, but I don’t know a thing about colleges abroad’. She really didn’t feel as excited as I was about this opportunity and perhaps it’s because I was the only student in my school of 3,000 students to have this idea.

I took it upon myself to do my own research and applied anyway. A couple of months later, I was selling my belongings at a garage sale, saying goodbye to friends and picking out suitcases for London.

Fast forward 8 years and I am married to a Brit, still living in London and CEO of my own company, Friesland Collective.

I founded Friesland Collective because I believe international education is life changing. If you ever speak to anyone who has studied abroad, they will confirm this claim. Over the last 5 years I worked with thousands of students on their international applications, spoke to parents and teachers, siblings and cousins. Applying to college is a family affair.

Friesland Collective was created with American students in mind. Our services focus on enhancing the US student's experience in the UK. Our tailored student support packages ensure peace of mind for all involved in the applicant's journey to the UK.  Friesland Collective students arrive to the UK prepared and equipped with the knowledge they need to succeed in their new host country faster than other international students. 

It’s important to us to ensure that British universities are equipped to support American students the best they can. We work directly with British universities to promote their academic offering in the United States. We collaborate with leading higher education organizations in order to provide institutions with digital solutions that drive their goals to fruition. 

Our story reflects real life experiences and years of experience in the Higher Education sector. If you want to know why we are called Friesland Collective, you’ll have to ask us yourself!


Paulina Achramowicz Day

Founder & CEO

Proud member of the International Society of Change Leaders: Circle of Experts