Candace Salter

20 Weird Things British People Do

Candace Salter
20 Weird Things British People Do

Despite our shared television programmes and connected past the US and UK could not be apart (literally, 3,000 miles). Through living here three years I’ve experienced a fair amount of culture shocks to say the least. With that said here are some of the biggest differences I’ve noticed throughout my years of living in the U.K (in no particular order).

1) Getting called darling (from someone that’s not your Grandpa).

2) Biscuits being a cookie rather than something smothered in butter from Popeyes.

3) Getting pissed doesn’t mean they’re going for an impromptu bathroom break.

4) Soccer is called “football” (still beat you in the World Cup).

5) A Fast Food “large” in the UK is actually for one person, rather than enough portions to feed a family of 4.

6) Police don’t carry guns, like ever.

7) They put milk in their tea.

8) Using the letter “x” after every text, Example: “Hey x” “What are you doing today? x” “Sorry mom I accidentally crashed the car xx”.

9) Chips are Fries and Crisps are Chips and yeah, it’s confusing.

10) “You alright?” Doesn’t mean something’s wrong with you, they’re just asking how your day is.

11) People don’t eat Peanut Butter & Jelly here, and yeah there’s no Ranch dressing.

12) You have to pay a monthly bill (called a TV licence) to watch television, if not you have to pay £1000.

13) Healthcare is free.

14) Everyone uses 24 hr clocks and will refer to the time as “half past” “quarter past” etc.

15) Theres’s no butter machines for movie theaters so you can only choose between sweet & salty popcorn (trust me, I’ve looked).

16) You’ll rarely see a drive-thru.

17) They drive on the left side of the road (weird).

18) Eggs aren’t sold in fridges.

19) People don’t small talk with strangers.

20) They will say “cheers” for anything.