Candace Salter

What To Pack When You Move To England

Candace Salter
What To Pack When You Move To England

Moving abroad means inevitably having to pack for a couple months to sometimes years of a new life ahead. Which is why packing the essentials is so important when you’re first settling into the #abroadlife. Our job at Frieslandcollective is to make the process of settling into the U.K as simple as possible, which why we’ve put together your ultimate packing guide for your new life “across the pond”.


Style Style Style


Although London isn’t up to the standards of the French or Italians, the European dress code is definitely fancier than back in the states. With that said casual wear is usually reserved for being at home or at the gym, so come prepared with some dressy-casual pieces such as a nice blouse or polo shirt.

Suggested Items:

Dressy Blouses

Dress Pants

Dress Hat

Save For A Rainy Day

London is famous for their dreary weather and so it goes without saying to pack accordingly. Although it doesn’t rain nearly as much as the movies would have you believe, you should be prepared for a bit of rain and fog. This means bringing items such as rainboots, a raincoat and an umbrella to ensure you never find yourself running home from Waterloo station drenched (speaking from personal experience).

Suggested Items:

One Raincoat

One Pair of Rainboots

One Umbrella

Layers Layers Layers

As a temperament climate London follows the seasons. This means you’ll get to experience all the joys of London fall, winter, springs and summers. It also means you need to pack layers. This includes t-shirts, cardigans, sweaters and a decent winter jacket to keep up with the seasons and the changing weathers. London is also known to temperature throughout the day, so it’s always good to bring a jacket along, even on a warm day.

Suggested Items:

Winter Coat


Jean Jacket


Dress to Impress


Ok now for the fun stuff. London is a student hub for nightlife and with some of the best clubs in the world, it’s important to look your best. Most clubs in London have a dress code on the fancier side, so that means “no trainers and heels only” rules enforced strictly in many of the nightlife scenes. Of course these items may be best to purchase once you get here, but always be prepared for an impromptu night-out.

Suggested Items:

Button-Down Shirt

Casual/Night Dress

Closed toed shoes

The Boring Bits


When moving to a new country there are some items you won’t remember you needed to buy in the first place. These include everything from toiletries to kitchen supplies, however these are all things that would fill up your suitcase pretty fast so it’s suggested you buy them here.

Suggested Items:



Kitchen utensils

Crockery, pots and pans

And of course, don’t forget your passport ;) Happy Packing! -Friesland Collective