Battle of the Cities: New York vs London

Battle of the Cities: New York vs London

If you’ve ever been able to live in London or New York, then you are among the lucky few of the world. Both of these cities have a magic in them that I haven’t found anywhere else. They make me feel like I can do anything, and have inspired me to be the person I am today. But in the battle of the cities there can only be one winner. So let’s break it down.


THE PEOPLE: Now this one has a clear winner. For anyone that’s watched any cinematic involving New York you know that they’re not necessarily known for their hospitality, and this is spot on. From the shoving, to the yelling, and the overall fast-paced environment, New Yorkers aren’t there to be your friend, or your tour guide.

London on the other hand is polite paradise. On an average commute I can expect at least a handful of “sorry”‘s for no reason at all, and that’s before I even get off the tube. Courtesy (for the most part) is a societal norm in the UK, so for this reason the winner is….



THE FOOD: The UK and food don’t have the best reputation. But London is a clear exception of stereotype, with their unique melting pot of cultures came a surge of new flavors, tastes, and foods putting London in the run for becoming The Restaurant Capital Of The World.

But London’s gonna have to just keep catching up cause New York’s had this in the bag for a while. NYC has been the food capital of the world for decades and for good reason. Now is it the fattier ingredients? Or maybe it’s in water?Who knows. But I do know that every visit I’ve made to the city has included trying a new dish that soon becomes one of my favourites, from the Truffle pizza and grilled PB&J’s in Chelsea Market to Coconut curry at one of the coolest restaurants in world. So we gotta give it to



THE CLEANLINESS: New York is a rat race, and by rat race I mean there are literally rats, racing down the street. It’s pretty dirty. Despite the pretty pictures shown on Instagram NYC has a super big sanitation problem, from dirty subways, gum spots everywhere and that smell that New York smell that resembles something out of a horror movie. Now of course in the upper class areas this won’t be the case, but otherwise fuggedaboudit.

Maybe recycling was apart of the curriculum who knows, but for the most part London is on top of it. I rarely see overflowing bins, and only the occasional rat. I think this goes back to their system of rule following in general, including thankfully, cleaning up after yourself. So let’s give it up for….


And lastly…


I gotta think on this one….