Eurotripping: Student Guide to Lyon, France

Eurotripping: Student Guide to Lyon, France

When people think of France they think…Paris. Eiffel Tower, Le Louvre and River Seine all make the perfect itinerary for a European getaway. But if you’re willing to travel a bit down south you just might find yourself in Lyon. With a £90 roundtrip flight and my high school bestie there on a study abroad I was on a plane to a weekend getaway in the city that looks like it hopped out of a fairytale.

Between the castle views from city centre, picturesque markets on cobblestone roads and food that makes me wonder why I still subject myself to UK cuisine here is my top 3 things to do if live it up in Lyon, even for a little while…

Eat mini French sandwiches on Rhône River

Gourmix à 22 Rue de la Platièr, 69001 Lyon, France

There’s something about European cities that is magical. From the renaissance architecture, coloured buildings, fairy lights, and markets selling everything from paintings to homemade wines, Vieux Lyon (literally translating to Old Lyon) is no exception. Cozily located right below a literal castle (cue the Disney music) Vieux Lyon is a bit touristy, but for good reason. There’s bars, shopping and of course the view. So before you get ready for a night out in France I’d highly suggest getting lost in this mini city within a city.

Club & Pub

I came to this consensus last year on my visit to Toulouse, … and that is the undeniable fact that French men are attractive like genetically doesn’t make sense how a whole country of people could collectively be so effortlessly good looking. Maybe it’s their charm, style or of course the accent, whatever it is Christine was keen to show me the full finesse of French men at Boston. It’s a bar/club located right in the city centre in Hotel del Ville playing anything from house to throwback sing-alongs. Your accent will be a great conversation starter and an excuse to dance the night away. Between spending the night salsa dancing with mysterious Lyon locals with a nose ring and a backwards cap, chatting up a group of Swiss men on a weekend getaway, and eating tacos and riding bikes over the Pont Morand bridge at midnight Lyon has brought me some of my most insane travel stories to date, and they all started here.

Happy Travels.