Your Quick Guide To London City Transport

Your Quick Guide To London City Transport

Okay, so you’ve just landed in London. Ready for your upcoming months of studying abroad in a place you thought only existed in movies. You’ve got this. You leave your terminal and briskly follow the sign that says “Underground”, whatever that means. You reach the gate and read…”tap in?" Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s your complete guide to....


1) Oyster

So when you first land you’ll need to buy something called an Oyster. It looks something like this.

As soon as you land head to your nearest Ticket machine, or if you don’t mind the wait most corner shops will sell you one. You can choose to "top up" with as much money as you wish, simply tapping in for your journey and tapping out, with your fee deducted based on the distance you travelled. Most journeys average between £1.50- £2.40, but there's a daily cap between £8.20- £12 depending on how far you travel, so you'll never end up breaking the bank when you're out and about. This will be your backup method of transport, but for a massive deal saver you’ll want to get a...

2) Student Oyster


This is a card you can make an application for once you get settled. Student Oyster cards offer 30% discounts on TFL journeys for full-time students, so it's definitely worth it. There’s also a TFL app you can download to keep track of all your journeys.

3) Contactless Card

Once you get your bank account sorted (and can finally remember how to write the pound symbol) you can opt for contactless travel using your bank card. Just add it to your Apple Wallet or Android and you’re set!

4) Travel Card

If you’re more of a homebody (which we doubt you would be living in London) it might be cheaper to opt for a travel card on your days of L town exploration. Tickets tickets start at around £12 for journeys covering most of London. 


So there you have it, your mini transport guide to the city. Giving you one last thing to worry about while you make the most of that #internationalstudentlife. Just remember to tap in.