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college application support

Navigating through the international college search process is complex. We offer full application support to build your child’s academic profile in order to meet the application requirements of UK universities. We work with teachers and counsellors on both sides of the pond, to ensure the process is as transparent as possible to everyone involved in your students university decision making process. We keep you updated on deadlines, scholarships and other application essentials. 



Once your student is accepted to their school of choice, you soon realise that you and your family will most likely not be able to drive a packed car of college dorm 'essentials' across the pond. The pre arrival support package includes flight search, dorm furnishings, groceries help, mobile phone setup and anything your student needs to make the transition as stress free as possible. 



We want to ensure that your student finishes with not only a degree, but excellent job prospects and unforgettable memories. Our mentoring program includes a monthly 1 to 1 meet ups, field trips and networking events throughout the academic year. We are your support network across the pond. Invest in this package and sleep soundly knowing your child is looked after by the Friesland Collective.


summer programs

If your student would like to visit the UK for a shorter time, check out these summer programs. We are currently working with world renowned University College London UCL and their Undergraduate Research Summer Programme. This is a fantastic opportunity for students currently studying Life Science in College. Participants will engage in independent research as well as immerse in the local culture through a series of cultural activities`.